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High Energy Repetitive CUos Laser System. An ultra compact laser built at the University of Michigan which is said to generate an ultra-fast laser pulse 50 times more powerful than all the world's power plants combined. HERCULES delivers very short pulses—30 femtoseconds, the time it takes for light to travel the distance of a blood cell—focused on an area 1/100th of the width of a hair, which has the potential for changing cancer ablation
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carries a vivid image of the proud chieftain marching pigeon-chested at the head of his men; similarly Heracles is named as `the Heraclean strength' in a way that brings out his essential nature as a mortal hero:
Heracles and Deianeira act as independent agents intent on "accomplishing" their desires, as if in obedience to the Heraclean maxim quoted above.
In his study of Heraclean iconography, Vollkommer (1988, 32) considers an Attic red-figured pelike of about 430 B.