Hepatocyte Transplantation

The grafting of hepatocytes into the liver to perform defective metabolic, immune, endocrine, and homeostatic function. 80+ transplants have been performed as of late 2009
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Hepatocyte Transplantation. Alternatives to liver transplantation include blood purification therapies such as plasmapheresis, hemodiafiltration, and bioartificial livers [63].
Current studies suggest that hepatocyte transplantation may develop into a feasible alternative to whole-organ transplantation; however, the efficiency of isolation of sufficient transplantable hepatocytes is very low and is restricted by the small number of marginal donor organs allocated for this purpose [3-5].
Gupta et al., "Amelioration of radiation-induced liver damage in partially hepatectomized rats by hepatocyte transplantation," Cancer Research, vol.
Hepatocyte transplantation is being evaluated as an alternative to OLT in management of hepatic metabolic conditions for long-term, albeit partial, correction of the underlying metabolic defect.9 Liver directed gene therapy is another potential alternative treatment and holds hope for the future whereby the patient's hepatocytes are transduced with the wild-type gene.
Allogenic hepatocyte transplantation (HT) has been used as an alternative therapeutic option for patients with liver-based metabolic diseases including CN1.
Okano, "Hepatocyte transplantation through the hepatic vein: a new route of cell transplantation to the liver," Cell Transplantation, vol.
He also talked about hepatocyte transplantation and felt that liver gene therapy is still not good
Mito and Kusano (22) were the first to attempt hepatocyte transplantation in cirrhotic patients.
Porcine hepatocyte transplantation also could be proposed as a method to support patients with liver insufficiency (Gewartowska and Olszewski, 2007).

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