Hensen, Victor


Victor, German anatomist and physiologist, 1835-1924.
Hensen canal - a short membranous tube passing from the lower end of a saccule to the cochlear duct of the membranous labyrinth. Synonym(s): Hensen duct; uniting duct
Hensen cell - one of the supporting cells in the organ of Corti.
Hensen disk - Synonym(s): Hensen line
Hensen duct - Synonym(s): Hensen canal
Hensen knot - a local thickening of the blastoderm at the cephalic end of the primitive streak of the embryo. Synonym(s): Hensen node; primitive node
Hensen line - the paler area in the center of the A band of a striated muscle fiber, comprising the central portion of thick filaments that are not overlapped by thin filaments. Synonym(s): H band; Hensen disk
Hensen node - Synonym(s): Hensen knot
Hensen stripe - a band on the undersurface of the membrana tectoria of the cochlear duct.
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