Hensen, Christian Andreas Victor

Hensen, Christian Andreas Victor

Ger. zoologist and physiologist, 1835–1924.

Hensen body

A modified Golgi net found in the hair cells of the organ of Corti.

Hensen cell

Any of the tall columnar cells that form the outer border cells of the organ of Corti of the cochlea.

Hensen disk

The band in the center of the A disk of a sarcomere of striated muscle. During contraction it appears lighter than the remaining portion of the disk, and in its center, a dark stripe, the M line, is seen. Synonym: H band

Hensen knot

Primitive node.

Hensen node

A mass of rapidly proliferating cells at the anterior end of the primitive streak of the embryo.

Hensen stripe

A dark band on the undersurface of the tectorial membrane of the inner ear.
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