K., 20th-century German internist. See: Krebs-Henseleit cycle.
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Al igual que en estudios previos realizados sobre violencia en las relaciones de pareja lesbicas y gays (Vargas, 2003; Toro-Alfonso & Rodriguez-Madera, 2003; Lopez & Ayala, 2011; Molina, Echeverria & Henseleit, 2014), las personas participantes identificaron que el estar expuestas desde la ninez a modelos parentales disfuncionales o violentos habia favorecido que ellas lo viesen como una forma "normal"-deseable o indeseable-de actuar para relacionarse, ya que las practicas de control, manipulacion e inclusive las agresiones fisicas, podian ser concebidas como un medio para solucionar conflictos, como una manera de comunicarse y como una forma de demostrarse amor o interes.
The entire rib muscle section was placed in oxygenated 37[degrees]C, Kreb Henseleit buffer containing 5 mM glucose and transported to the laboratory.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 22, 2011-Orange Business Services names Jorg Henseleit as MD Switzerland; Peter J.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 22, 2011-Orange Business Services names Jorg Henseleit as MD Switzerland; Peter J.
Alexander Groh and Christoph Henseleit, from Barcelona and Munich, wrote The Valuation of Tax Shields Induced by Asset Step-ups in Corporate Acquisitions.
Stylianou); (29) Rational Numbers after Elementary School: Realizing Models for Fractions on the Real Line (Stefan Halverscheid, Melanie Henseleit, and Klaus Lies); (30) Student Beliefs about Mathematics Encoded in Pictures and Words (Stefan Halverscheid and Katrin Rolka); (31) Algebra Teachers' Ways of Thinking Characterizing the Mental Act of Problem Posing (Guershon Harel, Boris Koichu, and Alfred Manaster); (32) Mathematical Impairment among Epileptic Children (Izabel Hazin, Jorge T.
The bronchi were cut into rings and mounted in an organ chamber filled with Krebs Henseleit Bicarbonate Buffer (37[degrees] C) and gassed with 95% [O.
GENEVA & ZURICH -- Orange Business Services has appointed Jorg Henseleit (51) as Managing Director for Switzerland.
Hearts were excised and Langendorff-perfused with a modified Krebs Henseleit buffer (Gillis et al.