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James Paget, 20th-century U.S. physiologist. See: Henry-Gauer response.


Joseph, U.S. physicist, 1797-1878. See: Dalton-Henry law.


William, British chemist, 1774-1836. See: Henry law.

hen·ry (H),

The unit of electrical inductance, when 1 V is induced by a change in current of 1 ampere/sec.
[Joseph Henry]
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(H) (hen'rē)
The unit of electrical inductance, when 1 volt is induced by a change in current of 1 ampere/second.
[Joseph Henry]
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The group will meet the first two Mondays in July and August to complete the "Henry VI" plays, and then on an undetermined date in October for "Richard III."
In both life and literature, Henry was known for being scholarly and pious, as Shakespeare first acknowledges in Act V, scene i of Henry VI, Part One when the young king expresses his reluctance to marry by reminding his advisors, "Alas, my years are young; / And fitter is my study and my books / Than wanton dalliance with a paramour" (1HVI V.i.21-23), and later in Act II, scene i of Henry VI, Part Two as he responds to Simpcox's pretended miracle with declarations of "God's goodness [that] hath been great [...] / Let never day nor night unhallowed pass, / But still remember what the Lord hath done" (2HVI II.i.82-84).
(30) Although all three recensions share a Yorkist perspective and seek to highlight the failures of Henry VI's rule the focus varies, as does the use of exile and imprisonment as means of representing a doomed Lancastrian lineage.
The idea that he collaborated with Marlowe on the Henry VI plays had been debated for centuries, but had not been possible to demonstrate before.
Marlowe wrote plays such as Doctor Faustus and since 18th Century it has been speculated that he also contributed to Shakepeare's Henry VI Parts I, II and III, as well some of the bard's other plays.
Moreover, among links between Arden of Faversham and Shakespeare's early collaborations--the three Henry VI plays, Titus Andronicus, and Edward III--those with Shakespeare's shares, as these have been determined by recent studies in attribution, vastly outnumbered those with the shares of his collaborators, in proportion to the amount of text in each category.
Henry VI is a co-production between her Penarth-based company, Omidaze Productions, and the WMC and it also has an all-female crew.
Richard of Gloucester was implicated at the time in the murders of both Henry VI and his son, the Prince of Wales.
Henry VI only produced an heir in 1453, raising speculation before then over who would succeed him.
When the death march of Henry V's funeral opens 1 Henry VI (1H6), the Duke of Bedford's lamentation is telling: "Instead of gold, we'll offer up our arms--/Since arms avail not now that Henry's dead" (1.1.46-47).
1471: Henry VI was murdered in the Tower of London.