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Arthur Cyril, British ophthalmologist, 1875-1962. See: Hudson-Stähli line.
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We have students who have learning disabilities, who may not be the best math students, who are now excelling in this course and are excited about what they design," says Lenore Kingsmore, principal of Henry Hudson, who estimates that nearly 25 percent of the school's 200 students are classified as having learning disabilities.
In 1611, Henry Hudson was on his second trip to the New World, seeking a shortcut through North America to the riches of the Orient.
Henry Hudson, a principal investigator in clinical trials of the new CentraSight treatment, "But central blindness isn't correctable by glasses or surgery.
With a pedestrian deck 25 feet wide and three 35-foot-wide viewing platforms, visitors can stroll, jog, or bike atop the spectacular promenade, or simply gaze out at the iconic river that has stirred our imagination since Henry Hudson first laid eyes on it back in 1609.
So in 1609 Henry Hudson, a British adventurer and navigator, was hired to locate a Northeast Passage to South East Asia which would be safer and greatly cut the required sailing time.
FATAL JOURNEY: THE FINAL EXPEDITION OF HENRY HUDSON is a pick for both general lending libraries strong in popular history surveys and for college-level history collections.
Washington, Jun 13 (ANI): The death of English explorer and navigator Henry Hudson in the 17th century is being speculated to have been caused by his own crew.
The governments of Holland and Canada, as well as the State of Vermont, are all committed to turn in the river named after Henry Hudson a continuous serious of historic festivities during 2009.
District Court Judge Henry Hudson wouldn't have thrown him under the
Champlain was intrigued, aware that scant months earlier the ship of English explorer Henry Hudson had returned to London reporting its discovery of a vast bay on the northern edge of the Americas.
1565: English explorer Henry Hudson, who discovered Manhattan island and had New York's Hudson River named after him, was born
However, familiar names are here, such as Magellan, Columbus, Henry Hudson, Rene La Salle, Lewis and Clark, James Cook, Vitus Bering, Robert Peary, Ernest Shackleton, David Livingston, and Roald Amundsen.