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Henry J., U.S. thoracic surgeon, *1920. See: Heimlich maneuver.
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Ohio surgeon Dr Henry Heimlich, 96, who invented the medial procedure in 1974, used his own manoeuvre in May this year to stop Patty Ris, 87, from choking on a hamburger at a old people's home in Cincinnati.
Dr Henry Heimlich, 96, said he has demonstrated the wellknown manoeuvre many times over the years, but had never before used it on a person who was choking.
American thoracic surgeon Henry Heimlich first described the procedure in June 1974 in an informal article, Pop Goes the Cafe Coronary.
Henry Heimlich took credit where it wasn't due when it came to laying claim to the procedure.
La maniobra de Heimlich fue introducida en 1974 por Henry Heimlich, un medico estadounidense especialista en trastornos gastrointestinales a quien la reanimacion en el mundo le debe mucho.
Henry Heimlich, a thoracic surgeon, the Heimlich maneuver involves standing behind a choking victim and placing a fist, thumb side in, underneath the diaphragm.
Entries in Volume 6 are: Hazel Barton (1971- ); Alexa Canady (1950- ); Arthur Caplan (1950- ); Francis Collins (1950- ); Gertrude Elion (Retrospective) (1918-1999); Henry Heimlich (1920- ); David Ho (1952- ); Kenneth Kamler (1947- ); Lucy Spelman (1963- ); and Lydia Villa-Komaroff (1947- ).
Creator of the anti-choking technique (the Heimlich maneuver) that bears his name, Henry Heimlich also is the "father of esophageal surgery.
Henry Heimlich dressed for Dolphins practice Thursday.
Henry Heimlich still has never had the opportunity to use it himself
Henry Heimlich expresses delight overhis recent victory in abolishing back slaps for the victims of choking.