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Henry, English physician, 1799-1849.
Burton line - a bluish line on the free border of the gingiva, occurring in lead poisoning. Synonym(s): lead line
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Like the framing handshake shots, this change in the lover emphasizes Henry Burton's movement beyond racial politics.
Facing his first public hurdle on the road to the Democratic nomination, the New Hampshire primary, Stanton succeeds in convincing the skeptical Henry Burton (Adrian Lester), the bright grandson of a great civil rights pioneer, to become his deputy campaign manager.
Henry Burton laments that the more successful the candidate becomes, the more time he must spend coddling reporters.
Adrian is Henry Burton, the film's narrator and Stanton's campaign director.
The manager, Henry Burton, is the central character in the anonymous novel on which the film is based, about the Governor of a southern state whose Presidential campaign becomes mired in accusations of sexual misconduct.
So movie-goers won't be seeing Emma's character, Susan Stanton, jump into bed with aide Henry Burton before her governor husband - played by John Travolta - is elected to the White House.
Thompson plays his wife and Lester plays Travolta's deputy campaign manager, Henry Burton, and is the film's narrator.