Henna Tattoo

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A tattoo-like form of body art (Mehindi) in which the skin—especially the palms and soles—is painted using a paste made from leaves of Lawsonia inermis, a shrub that grows in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, India, the Arabian peninsula and tropical Africa, popularly known as henna, henne, al-khanna and al-henna. It is applied to women as a temporary skin decoration, often for weddings and festivals for Jews, Hindus and Muslims from the eastern Mediterranean into the Indian subcontinent. Some artists use an illegal synthetic dye, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), also known as black hennam, to strengthen the colour. Prior exposure to PPD may evoke a brisk, even life-threatening, hypersensitivity reaction in response to reexposure, usually in the form of a sharply demarcated contact dermatitis
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After getting her henna tattoo, Middleton slipped into hard hat and vest to visit the Northern Spire bridge over the River Wear, with Prince William.
Three children got their first temporary black henna tattoo done together while on holiday in Thailand in February 2017.
While walking along the sea front, she decided to have a temporary, black henna tattoo of a large flower on her left forearm.
Doctors have warned that the majority of black henna tattoos are made using a substance called para-phenylenediamine, which is found in hair dyes.
Henna tattoo artists setting up stall in seaside holiday resorts tend not to bother with these niceties.
Wendy, a housekeeper, said: "We are a large Asian family so Sophie has often had Henna tattoos for weddings when in this country and has been fine, but we took the precaution of having a test first in Morocco.
Hypopigmentation after non-permanent henna tattoo has been reported with a positive patch test to PPD.
uk Rawthorpe youngster Ethan Crosland's agony after henna tattoo he had on family holiday to Egypt comes out in severe blisters when he gets back home There are different types of henna and it looks like they used black henna which burns the skin.
Visitors can also try the henna tattoo art during the fair.
Sweets and traditional Arabic sweets are being offered at the tents along with henna tattoo hand paint for women.
TOXIC henna tattoo kits were seized in North East raids.
HENNA tattoo kits seized on Tyneside contained a toxic hair dye which could cause permanent scarring or organ damage, tests have found.