Hendra virus

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equine Morbillivirus

a species causing a fatal respiratory disease in horses and humans in Australia, with encephalitis also seen in some human cases.
Synonym(s): Hendra virus
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Hendra virus

A paramyxovirus that causes respiratory illness and encephalitis in humans and is transmitted primarily from horses.
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e·quine mor·bil·li·vi·rus

(ē'kwīn mōr-bil'i-vī'rŭs)
A viral species causing a fatal respiratory disease in horses and humans in Australia, with encephalitis also seen in some human cases.
Synonym(s): Hendra virus.
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A Hendra virus G glycoprotein subunit vaccine protects African green monkeys from Nipah virus challenge.
There have been three recognized outbreaks of Hendra virus in Australia, in 1994, 1995, and 1999.
The Hendra virus was first identified in 1994 after an outbreak affecting racehorses and humans in Australia, which resulted in the deaths of one person and 13 horses.
The new strain of the Hendra virus is believed to be passed on to humans through close contact with infected pigs and cannot be passed from person to person or by eating pork.
Electron microscopic studies of isolation material from three patients demonstrated virus-like structures consistent with a paramyxovirus, and immunofluorescence tests of cells infected with this virus suggested a virus related to Hendra virus (formerly called equine morbillivirus).
In the case of rare outbreaks like the Hendra virus, GIS is a vital tool to identify the main factors (geographical, environmental and other factors) of disease transmission, and to use for disease monitoring, identifying at-risk populations, producing prediction models and generating warning systems according to spatial distributions.
The paper provides a current, succinct summary of knowledge and understanding about the Hendra virus suitable for high school students with cited references garnered from Australian government and CSIRO websites and research publications--the latter providing more in-depth content if sought by students.
Australia: Australian officials were on Saturday working to isolate potential victims after uncovering two more cases of the deadly horse-borne Hendra virus, which has erupted in a second state.
FOLLOWING the death of a veterinary surgeon last week in Brisbane, Australia, from Hendra virus, a large number of horse serum samples from Queensland may be tested for the disease.
After the discoveries of Hendra virus and Nipah virus in recent years, scientists in Australia have identified a virus that devastates pigs' reproductive capacity and has caused illness in at least two people.
WASHINGTON, April 8 Kyodo A new virus related to the Hendra virus is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 people during an outbreak of encephalitis in Malaysia last September, a report issued Thursday by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.