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Lawrence J., U.S. biochemist, 1878-1942. See: Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.

Henderson, Virginia

(1897-1996), a nursing theorist who introduced a holistic approach to the profession in 1966. The theory is based on the concepts that the body and mind are inseparable, no two individuals are alike, and the role of nursing is independent of the functions of the physician. The Henderson theory proposes that 14 components of basic nursing care contribute to the health of a patient. They relate to (1) breathing, (2) eating and drinking, (3) elimination, (4) movement and posture, (5) sleep and rest, (6) clothing, (7) maintenance of body temperature, (8) cleaning and grooming of the body, (9) avoidance of environmental dangers and injury, (10) communication, (11) worship, (12) work, (13) play and recreation, and (14) learning and discovery.
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Hendersons Implementing JDA Portfolio for Improved Warehouse
Having licensed JDA's Warehouse Replenishment(TM) in fourth quarter 2003, Hendersons will optimize the forecasting and replenishment of over 4,500 ambient grocery lines, 900 fresh food lines, 200 frozen food lines and a large selection of non-food lines managed in its four warehouses.
Owning the SPAR(R), VG(R) and VIVO(R) franchises, Hendersons operates over 50 company-owned stores and provides full support service to its retail partner network of 450 stores.
Logan said that Warehouse Replenishment will also allow Hendersons to improve delivery times with the ability to create more accurate demand forecasts based on historical data, seasonality, upcoming promotions and even the weather.
Hendersons to Maximize Supplier Terms and Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency
As part of its supply chain improvement initiative, Hendersons plans to maximize supplier terms using Warehouse Replenishment.
Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) has announced the acquisition of Hendersons Automotive Inc.
We have a large in-house computer team of around thirty staff," comments Pat McGarry, operations director for Hendersons.
Hendersons issued a procurement document to around forty software vendors and quickly chose EXE Technologies as the best fit for their business.
The upshot of this will be enhanced bottom line revenues and scope for growth at Hendersons with a greatly improved level of service to all our stores" says McGarry.
To get the best out of the EXceed system, Hendersons undertook a detailed planning phase working alongside EXE prior to implementation.
We had our concerns," says Andrew Logan, director of IT at Hendersons.