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Lawrence J., U.S. biochemist, 1878-1942. See: Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.

Henderson, Virginia

(1897-1996), a nursing theorist who introduced a holistic approach to the profession in 1966. The theory is based on the concepts that the body and mind are inseparable, no two individuals are alike, and the role of nursing is independent of the functions of the physician. The Henderson theory proposes that 14 components of basic nursing care contribute to the health of a patient. They relate to (1) breathing, (2) eating and drinking, (3) elimination, (4) movement and posture, (5) sleep and rest, (6) clothing, (7) maintenance of body temperature, (8) cleaning and grooming of the body, (9) avoidance of environmental dangers and injury, (10) communication, (11) worship, (12) work, (13) play and recreation, and (14) learning and discovery.
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Henderson then asked to meet her on a street near her house.
Currently, the inventory of Henderson and Las Vegas real estate listings is low.
She loved it," Henderson said, and soon found a market for her creative niche.
According to the prosecution, three days later Matlobyaygazwini and two accomplices "lured" Henderson to a house.
Because Jones knew Henderson by name, he assumed that Henderson would kill him so that he couldn't testify against Henderson.
And, of course, it ends with my favorite way that Henderson always signed his letters, "Yours for Western.
The problem is Henderson didn't write this book for communication professionals, but for consumers, and naive ones at that.
Henderson uses the term "no seeums" in describing the hidden reserves of copper, PGM's (platinum group metals) and other minerals existing in their properties that are not easily visible to the eye.
Henderson would place whole passages from this story in the opening chapters of Ollie Miss, but he would also significantly change details of plot and characterization.
explains Henderson who is fluent in Italian and earned a master's degree in fashion management at Milan's SDA Bocconi, one of the country's top business schools.
Henderson continued to work with the CDC through the initial years of AIDS Weekly (and his second title, Cancer Weekly, launched the following year) well into the '90s.