Hemoccult test

Hem·oc·cult test

(hēm'ō-kŭlt' test)
A qualitative assay for occult blood in stool based on detecting the peroxidase activity of hemoglobin; a test kit can be used at home and the specimen produced mailed to a laboratory for evaluation.
Synonym(s): Haemoccult test.
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2 g/dL, hematocrit 33%) with a positive stool hemoccult test.
During the period of 7 d, all mice received following examinations everyday: weight, Hemoccult test or gross blood and stool consistency.
Sensitivity, specificity and positive predictivity of the Hemoccult test in screening for colorectal cancers.
A hemoccult test at a physical exam before the sigmoidoscopy was positive for bleeding.
In addition to the possibility of systemic toxicity, Blue 1-tinted enteral feedings may interfere with diagnostic stool examinations, such as the hemoccult test.
7) Although the fecal occult blood test, or hemoccult test, has been successful in some patients, its poor sensitivity results in underdiagnosis.
The purpose of this study was to determine if subjects find alternate stool collection methods (toilet tissue smear and direct smear) preferahle to the use of the traditional wooden stick provided with the Hemoccult test.
All sampled their own stools using both the InSure test and the Hemoccult test to determine the need for colonoscopy.
Thompson recommended getting a Hemoccult test, an abdominal radiograph (kidney, ureter, and bladder), and culturing the stool for C.
False-positive Hemoccult test not caused by turnips [Letter].