unilateral neglect

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disregard of or failure to perform some task or function.
unilateral neglect
1. hemiapraxia with failure to pay attention to bodily grooming and stimuli on one side but not on the other, usually due to a lesion in the central nervous system, as after a stroke. Called also selective inattention.
2. a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as a state in which there is a lack of awareness and attention to one side of the body.

un·i·lat·er·al ne·glect

(yūni-latĕr-ăl nĕg-lekt)
A neuropsychological condition, after damage to one hemisphere (e.g., stroke), in which there is a lack of awareness or diminished attention to one side of the body. The side of neglect is often contralateral to the damaged hemisphere.
Synonym(s): hemiagnosia, hemispatial neglect.

unilateral neglect

Impairment in sensory and motor response, mental representation, and spatial attention of the body and the corresponding environment characterized by inattention to one side and overattention to the opposite side. Left side neglect is more severe and persistent than ride side neglect.
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Therefore we propose that the mechanism underlying hemispatial neglect is the disruption of the flow of (location related) sensory information to awareness at the level of multimodal alerting mechanisms.
We will describe a rather uniform decline of N1 (N140) waves in responses to stimuli of different modalities associated with disturbed multimodal alerting mechanisms in (sub)acute hemispatial neglect and the further normalization of the weakened N1 waves as neglect recedes.
Smania and Aglioti [23] found in a touch detection task that RBD patients with left hemispatial neglect detected left-hand stimulation with an accuracy of 36% in the uncrossed anatomical position whereas crossing the arms resulted in a detection accuracy of 65% of the left-hand stimuli.
A number of possible explanations for these site-of-lesions discrepancies arise, including differences in procedures and definitions of hemispatial neglect.
Theta-burst stimulation of the left hemisphere accelerates recovery of hemispatial neglect Neurology 2012;78: 24-30.
The study involved 20 people with hemispatial neglect.
This study represents an important step forward in the effort to find ways to help people rehabilitate from hemispatial neglect after stroke," said Heidi M.
Key words: aphasia, aspiration, diet, dysphagia, hemispatial neglect, hemispheric damage, penetration, stroke, swallowing, videofluoroscopic swallow study.
Considerable empirical evidence supports the presence of aphasia more commonly in LHD than RHD patients and the presence of hemispatial neglect more commonly in RHD than LHD patients [20]; therefore, study of these two deficits may prove important in determining which patients are at risk for acute and protracted dysphagia.
In their valuable review Ruz and Lupianez note that neurological patients with the syndrome of hemispatial neglect offer a special opportunity to investigate the capture of unattended stimuli.