unilateral neglect

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disregard of or failure to perform some task or function.
unilateral neglect
1. hemiapraxia with failure to pay attention to bodily grooming and stimuli on one side but not on the other, usually due to a lesion in the central nervous system, as after a stroke. Called also selective inattention.
2. a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as a state in which there is a lack of awareness and attention to one side of the body.
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un·i·lat·er·al ne·glect

(yūni-latĕr-ăl nĕg-lekt)
A neuropsychological condition, after damage to one hemisphere (e.g., stroke), in which there is a lack of awareness or diminished attention to one side of the body. The side of neglect is often contralateral to the damaged hemisphere.
Synonym(s): hemiagnosia, hemispatial neglect.
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unilateral neglect

Impairment in sensory and motor response, mental representation, and spatial attention of the body and the corresponding environment characterized by inattention to one side and overattention to the opposite side. Left side neglect is more severe and persistent than ride side neglect.
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