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A patented proprietary process used to create audio patterns containing binaural beats (Hemi-Sync/Hemispheric Synchronization or brainwave synchronisation), purported to be useful for managing addiction and eating disorders, hypertension, metabolic disease, pain, recuperation from surgery, increasing muscle strength, treating strokes and other conditions, etc.
The peer-reviewed data supporting the efficacy of Hemi-Sync is weak.
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has been acquired by Garrett Stevens and will begin doing business as Hemi-Sync (formerly d/b/a Monroe Products), the company said.
The company is known for its Hemi-Sync audio technology, which it said can have dramatic effects on states of consciousness.
Customers may continue to access hundreds of different Hemi-Sync products, in six different languages, on the company's website and in select retail locations.
The company also welcomes a broader range of thought leaders and artists who may be interested in working with Hemi-Sync audio technology.
Practice: Select a CD of binaural beat music to match your specific stress-related symptoms at Hemi-Sync.
Hemi-Sync Audio Technology, developed at the Monroe Institute (Faber, Virginia), uses inaudible sound frequencies called binaural beats to induce changes in brain wave activity.
For example, when using Hemi-Sync Audio Technology, a frequency of 100 Hz is piped into one ear via headphones and a frequency of 107 Hz is directed to the other ear.
The Institute employs a device known as Hemi-Sync using "binaural beats" complex frequencies given through headphones that allow humans to "hear" signals well out of the range of normal hearing.
When the brain is in synchronicity, there's more focus," says Carol Moore, marketing director of Monroe Products, which makes Hemi-Sync verbal meditations and music that contain embedded binaural beats.
The Institute employs a device known as Hemi-Sync, using "binaural beats," complex frequencies given through headphones that allow humans to "hear" signals well out of the range of normal hearing.
Special Hemi-Sync frequencies imperceptibly woven into the rich, delightful compositions produce binaural beating to carry you to a profound state of relaxation, hemi-syno.
In 2005, he joined with the Monroe Institute to produce meta-music using Monroe's Hemi-Sync technology embedded in musical tracks.