Hematocrit level

Hematocrit (Hct) level

A measure of red blood cells.
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low hematocrit level, vasopressor presence, ascorbic acid, capillary blood specimen dilution.
1 Relative polycythaemia is a condition in which the patient characteristically has an elevation of the hematocrit level without an elevated red cell mass but it is due to contraction of the plasma volume, in contrast the absolute polycythaemias are accompanied by an actual increase in the red cell mass.
44%] in the hematocrit level of the blood of the male rat, which was statistically not at all significant (p = 0.
Blood transfusions were given to maintain the hematocrit level above 25%.
In 2007, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) issued clinical practice guidelines recommending that hematocrit levels in ESRD patients range from 33 to 36 percent (NKF 2007), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released "black-box" warnings suggesting a risk when the target hematocrit level exceeds 36 percent (FDA 2007).
Fortnightly, the hematocrit level was determined and the FAMACHA[c] method was applied to each animal to classify the animals as proposed, in order to relate the FAMACHA[c] with the hematocrit value in ovine females of different breeds supplied with two different levels of crude protein.
Dilutional anemia and hemodynamic changes can affect tissue oxygenation, and most studies state that a minimum hematocrit level of 22% is necessary for the on-pump technique.
The mean hemoglobin and hematocrit level of the subjects before and during and after exercise was not significantly different between the trials.
The report says: "The USPS team made regular use of saline infusions, a prohibited method, which permits a rider to quickly reduce his hematocrit level in order to beat the UCI's health check 50% hematocrit threshold and to fool the biological passport program.
Although our study did not include blood gas analysis, we did study hematocrit level and electrolyte and glucose concentrations and conducted a similar correlation analysis.
In search of an optimal hematocrit level in dialysis patients: Rehabilitation and quality-of-life implications.