bleeding into the biliary passages.


Bleeding into the biliary passages, usually as a result of hepatic trauma or a neoplasm in the liver or biliary tract.
Synonym(s): hematobilia


(hĕm″ă-tō-bĭl′ē-ă) [″ + L. bilis, bile]
Blood in the bile or bile ducts.
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(12) Gallbladder visualization may be due to hematobilia or alternatively transfusion-related labeling of the porphyrin group of degraded hemoglobin, with subsequent liver and biliary excretion, particularly in patients with severe renal impairment.
Dependiendo del sitio de duplicacion, presencia de mucosa gastrica ectopica o compromiso de estructuras adyacentes podria manifestarse con hemorragia, ulceracion, perforacion, obstruccion intestinal, volvulo, intususcepcion, pancreatitis, hematobilia e incluso fistula enterocutanea.
Gallbladder and pancreatic metastases from bilateral renal carcinoma presenting with hematobilia and anemia.