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agglutination of erythrocytes.
hemagglutination inhibition (HI, HAI) test
1. a highly sensitive procedure for the measurement of soluble antigens in biologic specimens; the amount of hemagglutination reflects the amount of free antibody present after reaction with the specimen and thus varies inversely with amount of antigen in the specimen.
2. a procedure for the measurement of serum antibodies directed against a hemagglutinating virus; the highest dilution of serum that completely inhibits hemagglutination by a standardized viral preparation is reported as the hemagglutination titer.
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The agglutination of red blood cells; may be immune as a result of specific antibody either for red blood cell antigens themselves or other antigens that coat the red blood cells, or may be nonimmune as in hemagglutination caused by viruses or other microbes.
Synonym(s): hemoagglutination
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The agglutination of red blood cells; may be immune (as a result of specific antibody to red blood cell antigens or other antigens that coat the red blood cells), or nonimmune (as in hemagglutination caused by viruses or other microbes).
Synonym(s): haemagglutination.
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The clumping or clustering of red blood cells caused by certain viruses, antibodies, or other substances.
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The indirect hemagglutination tests was negative, and it's more difficult to distinguish between cysticercosis and other diseases including metastasis, glioma, abscess and tuberculosis, therefore, multiple tools including highly specific and reliable antigens are expected to develop diagnosis when it's difficult to differentiate between NCC and suspected malignant tumors, and improve the efficacy of treatment.
KEY WORDS: Neurocysticercosis, Indirect hemagglutination test, Cerebellum, Diagnosis.
In the early 1970s, blood-bank screening for virologic diseases such as hepatitis B antigen was done either by (semi)automated RIA or nonradioactive but rather cumbersome hemagglutination tests. In 1976, Organon Teknika developed and marketed a highly successful EIA system for the hepatitis B surface antigen (HbsAg) (26), featuring a 96-well microtiter plate format.

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