Helsinki Declaration

A list of recommendations and guidelines for doctors conducting biomedical research involving human subjects, which translates the principles of the Nuremberg Code
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"Armenia grossly violates the norms and principles of international law, the decisions of the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly, the Helsinki Declaration of the OSCE PA, adopted in 2015, continuing the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan's territories," he said.
She said following targets set by various hosts in the past, Botswana set an ambitious target of raising the number of the Brighton Plus Helsinki Declaration signatories from 419 that they inherited from Helsinki to 1 200.
The Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anesthesiology: a way forward with the European Board and the European Society of Anesthesiology.
This study was conducted in accordance with the ethical standards set out in the Helsinki Declaration. Informed consent was taken from all patients.
The 'Helsinki Declaration' identifies three priority areas for sector-wide cooperation:
The study was conducted in accordance to the principles of the Helsinki Declaration and was approved by local ethics committees.
The objective of the conference was to update the principles of Helsinki declaration from 2005 and to develop the action plan aiming at closing down oversized psychiatric institution and setting up Mental Health Centres as outpatient institutions with territorial distribution.
In the Materials and Methods section in the article titled "Prognostic factors of returning to work after sick leave due to work-related common mental disorders: A one- and three- year follow-up study," [1] the sentence "All procedures followed were in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in October 2013" should be corrected to "The randomization procedure (i.e.
The U.S., in emphasizing on reconciliation and reparation, used the Helsinki Declaration of July 2008 to impress on the Sri Lankan former Rajapaksa administration in the past and renewed its call on the current Maithipala Sirisena regime.
Speaking about the RCTs as to what has happened he referred to the WMA as well as Helsinki declaration. It is the obligation to conduct research ethically and report honestly.
MEPs were nearly unanimous in the view that Russia's attitude contravened international law and the 'Helsinki declaration' of 1975, which states that borders may be changed only by peaceful means and by agreement.

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