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9, an application used by software developers and technical authors to automate the creation of software help systems and user manuals.
RoboHelp is flexible enough to allow Help authors to have complete control over all aspects of the help systems they build, while automating the technical details.
The help system is comprehensive for both federal and state forms and there are program updates on the company's toll-free bulletin board.
Bringing a cloud-based wiki together with a desktop help system is a true industry milestone, and we're proud to be the organization that brought this innovation to the market," says Richard Rabins, Co-Chairman of Alpha Software.
Now HelpSmith allows you to customize a Web Help system, so, for example, the appearance of the web help system can fit to the common corporate style.
Before discussing the limitations imposed on the help system design and implementation, we must first describe the product, the reasons why customers use it, and the ways in which customers use it.
RoboHelp 6 strongly reinforces Adobe's commitment to the technical communications market, giving authors what they need to easily develop, manage and maintain intuitive software help systems and knowledge bases.
Finding information is often a cumbersome process Once you are oriented to the help system, finding the piece of information you seek can be an overwhelming task.
There weren't any significant examples about how to customize an HTML Help system to create something any different from what I can do with WinHelp.
The purpose of this paper is to examine these instructional components and identify ways that they could be added to an online help system to make it helpful and instructional.
Both books are well-written and very honest about what the reader can expect from each book and the Windows 95 Help system.
When they looked at the online systems used in the research, they found that windowing was not available in any of them (users could not simultaneously view the online help and the application), forcing users to think about the problem while they were trying to evaluate alternatives presented in the help system.