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"Alongside the support given by our internal start-up and validation instruments, we want to enable the use of established transfer models such as the LDC, which was initiated by Max Planck Innovation GmbH," says Dr Rolf Zettl, Managing Director of the Helmholtz Association.
In this research, we used Helmholtz resonators in order to reduce the RT at low frequencies.
Now, the Helmholtz free energy of the harmonic oscillator asymmetric potential system ([F.sub.New)] is given by
Helmholtz's expression did not change as the brasses lost their places, as the woodwinds' nerve failed and they became inaudible rather than have their mistakes heard, as the percussion section shifted into a rhythm pattern belonging to a march they knew and liked better.
Helmholtz, in spite of his acknowledged achievements, was not himself immune to criticism from renowned contemporaries such as Wilhelm Wundt (a former student), Ernst Mach, and William James.
The paired coils in Helmholtz arrangements are commonly used in laboratories for creating of uniform magnetic field.
31 August 2009 - Danish biopharmaceutical company Bavarian Nordic A/S (CPH: BAVA) said today that it finds baseless and without merit the claims by German research centre Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen filed in the ICC International Court of Arbitration regarding their former collaboration.
Well let me tell you, we in Wales are far more intelligent and well educated than Herr von Helmholtz gives us credit for.
The basic idea is simple and similar to that of normal Helmholtz stabilization systems: a pickup sensor measures the ambient field value near the sensitive device, from which an error signal is derived with respect to a selectable set value.
Helmholtz scientists in the research field Earth and Environment are working on solutions to precisely these problems.
"Rump-yump, tiddle-tiddle, rump-yump, burdle-burdle," sang Helmholtz. "Left, right, left, Bert!