Heller myotomy

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Hel·ler my·ot·o·my

distal esophagomyotomy, usually for the treatment of achalasia.
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One of the patients underwent the procedure as an alternative to the Heller myotomy; the other patient had completed the Heller myotomy by a chest approach in 2010 but later re-experienced swallowing difficulties.
The minimally invasive technique generally affords patients reduced pain, faster recovery, and equivalent ability to swallow compared with the traditional Heller myotomy.
In 2007 an elective laparoscopic Heller myotomy (approximately 5 cm anterior myotomy) with Dor fundoplication was performed without complication.
After pneumonia resolution and outpatient rehabilitation therapy and after repeat radiologic investigation including CT scan (Figure 3) and repeat barium swallow (Figure 2), an elective revision long Heller myotomy was performed through the abdomen.
Surgical cure initially was done with a procedure called a Heller myotomy.
In general surgery, robotic systems have enhanced laparoscopic Heller myotomy, esophagectomy, pancreatectomy, pyloroplasty when performed at the time of antireflux surgery, and fashioning the posterior suture lines of Toupet fundoplication.
Until now, the gold standard for treatment of Achalasia was the Heller myotomy.
This prevents any leak of esophageal contents such as food and saliva into the chest through the cut that was made in the muscle, a serious complication known as perforation which occurs in about 6 percent of patients undergoing laparoscopic Heller myotomy and 2-4 percent of patients undergoing balloon dilation - an alternative treatment option for achalasia that produces an uncontrolled tear in the lower esophageal sphincter.
Common treatments for esophageal achalasia include a traditional surgical approach known as a Heller myotomy, or balloon dilation.
In general, I think everyone should have a laparoscopic Heller myotomy if they have achalasia, but we know that's not the treatment paradigm for most referring physicians in North America," said Dr.
The goal in treating achalasia is disruption of this LES mechanism, and Heller myotomy has been demonstrated to be the most effective and longest-lasting method to achieve this goal.
Heller myotomy performed with robotic telesurgery for the treatment of achalasia appears to cause fewer esophageal perforations and an equivalent functional outcome, compared with the traditional laparoscopic technique, W.