Helium Hood Method

A technique for committing suicide in which a person with a terminal or progressively debilitating illness places a bag over his head and opens the valve to a helium tank which feeds helium into the bag via a tube. Death results from asphyxiation
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The helium hood method is "highly efficient," said Humphry, who will be 81 at the end of April.
In a blog response two months ago to another person who wrote with concerns about the process, he advised, "Properly used for achieving death to prevent further suffering, the helium hood method will bring coma inside five seconds and then brain death inside five minutes." He referred the person for "details of its use, with illustrations," to "Final Exit."
Although Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner had not heard before of the helium hood method of suicide and its marketing tactics - and therefore has not researched its relationship to the state's criminal code - he said his office "absolutely" would open an investigation if presented with a case, but that has never happened to date.