Helicopter Mom

An overprotective and overly-involved mother who hovers—helicopter-like—over her children (at school, etc.) to see how they are doing
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You can spot the difference (oftentimes, just from their physical appearance alone) between the child of a helicopter mom and a mom that lets her child discover the world on his own (within reason).
He also reconciles with his mother, Monica, the ultimate helicopter mom.
Our instructor, Beth Rutland, hovered like a helicopter mom, ready to guide a knife through an onion or a buttered brush across a sheet of phyllo dough.
Also: helicopter mother, helicopter mom, helicopter dad."
Eventually I told my mother, and she (no helicopter mom, with five other kids to monitor) advised me to speak to the teacher.
When Clemens' daughter first left for college, her mother - a self-proclaimed over-protective 'helicopter mom' - felt concerned about her daughter beginning to date away from home, given that no less than one out of every four women on college campuses has been the victim of at least one incident of sexual assault or date-rape.
Milly has not had great luck with men and Daphne - who is a "helicopter mom" hovering over her daughters - just can't let Milly work this out for herself.
Right before your eyes, this initially grief-stricken momma transforms from obsessed-with-ADHD control-freak and helicopter mom to optimistic and (mostly) confident parent of a child who happens to have ADHD.
Helicoptermamma.org is a personal blog, which gives the reader a glimpse inside the life of an Extreme Helicopter Mom. The blog chronicles Carolyn's personal struggles as a loving yet overbearing, overprotecting and sometimes exceedingly interfering mother.
Today we have helicopter moms and dads spoiling their kids rotten.
If not, here's the scoop: Siegel became a social media superstar simply by sharing texts she received from her mother—who, to be blunt—is the Blackhawk/Apache of helicopter moms. In Mother, Can You Not?, she makes two things clear: her mom would go to previously unseen lengths to "enrich" her daughter's life (parties to celebrate her menstrual cycles?), and that she loves the woman completely.
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