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1. winding like the thread of a screw; called also helical.
2. a winding structure; see also coil and helix.
Curschmann's s's coiled fibrils of mucin sometimes found in the sputum of patients with asthma. See also Laënnec's pearls.
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Resembling a helix.
Synonym(s): helical (2)
[G. helix, a coil, + eidos, resemblance]
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Resembling a helix.
Synonym(s): helical (2) .
[G. helix, a coil, + eidos, resemblance]
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We believe that the helicoidal structure adapts to tensile stress by allowing the plane of fibres to rotate toward or away from the applied tensile load, prolonging the final catastrophic events of failures.
La naturaleza de las modificaciones antropicas se distribuye de manera similar en los dos momentos, pues en ambos predominan las fracturas helicoidales sobre los huesos, seguidas de las lascas oseas y finalmente las huellas de corte.
Las capas formadas a partir de las celulas espirales en orden de deposito son: pared primaria de las celulas espirales, capa cristalina, capa helicoidal pigmentada y capa de microornamentacion.
En forma de proceso dialectico, tensional y helicoidal los estudios sobre C/E se han ubicado "mas aca" de toda vision empirista y objetivista sobre los objetos y procedimientos de un campo disciplinar adecuado y aceptable.
Accordingly, due to its speed and definition, multisection helicoidal CT is at present the most indicated method, as it greatly clarifies the condition of the infectious process and possible intra-orbitary complications.
Among the many instabilities found in the resins, the helicoidal bubble stability (HBS) is the focus of the current study.
Among the topics are Australopithecus africanus, cosmogenic nuclide dating, faunal assemblage, helicoidal wear plane, Kromdraai, modern evolutionary synthesis, Parathropus boisei, and temporomandibular joint.
Na ultima decada, a leptospirose tem emergido como uma importante zoonose com uma distribuicao a nivel mundial, seu agente etiologico e a bacteria do genero Leptospira, aerobia obrigatoria, de forma helicoidal (espiroqueta), do qual se conhecem atualmente 14 especies patogenicas, sendo a mais importante a L.
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