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Lorenz, German anatomist, 1683-1758. See: Heister diverticulum, Heister valve.
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Thompson and Heister [55] made a series of visible experimental studies on flash evaporation in the injector with a large aspect ratio.
The valve is called as valve of Heister. The wall of cystic duct is surrounded by a sphincter structure called sphincter of Lutkens.
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Hanns-Werner Heister's working methods are guided if not dictated by the narrow subject matter of Komponisten der Gegenwart.
The children of Karl Albrecht Sr., Beate Heister and Junior own at least 75 percent of Aldi Sued, a European supermarket chain similar to Wal-Mart, through the family foundation, Siepmann Stiftung.
After its first description by Heister in 1732,4 Bichat elucidated on the exact character of the flap.5 Other names in the literature than can be used to refer to the BFP are boule de Bichat or boule graisseuse in French, Wangenfettpfropf or Wangerfettpolster in German, and the sucking pad, sucking cushion, masticatory fat pad, or the buccal pad of fat in English.6
Visits to Heister House Millworks, Conestoga Wood Specialties, and millwork company Tilo Industries kicked off the plant tours at the 2014 Wood Component Manufacturers' Association Fall Conference.
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Tours of several outstanding woodworking operations are planned, including: Tilo Industries in Lewisburg, Heister House in Pleasant Mills, two Conestoga plants in Beavertown and Beaver Springs, Wood Mode in Kreamer, and Bingaman & Sons, also in Kreamer,