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Lorenz, German anatomist, 1683-1758. See: Heister diverticulum, Heister valve.
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92 St Quercus robur (Pedunculate oak), Heister, 125 to 150 cm
Heister House Millworks, Pleasant Mills, PA, has been manufacturing mouldings and millwork since 1988.
La bola adiposa fue mencionada por primera vez como un elemento anatomico por Heister (1732), y descrita por Bichat en 1802.
Based on a concept Matthias Heister introduced in the 1960s and Heinz Lothar Grob developed in the 1980s, the concept is well-suited for appraising different kinds of investment projects.
Lorenz Heister, Professor of Surgery and Botany at the University of Helmstadt in the Duchy of Brunswick and author of a brilliant textbook of surgery, must be given the credit for the first description of the appendix as the site of acute inflammation.
Hilscher A, Heister K, Siewert C, Knicker K (2009) Mineralization and structural changes during the initial phases of microbial degradation of pyrogenic plant residues in soil.
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Two features of the dyad were assessed: shared affect and goal-directed partnership (see Egeland & Heister, 1993, for more detailed definitions of all codes).
I've done removals where there is an investigation, but I've never done one where there's an upcoming trial," said Dan Heister of the EPA's Emergency Response Unit in Portland, the on-scene coordinator who is heading the cleanup efforts and whose territory covers Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.
Gels are inherently safer than liquids because they don't leak, said Stephen Heister, Purdue University professor of aeronautics and astronautics.
Heister, Johannes, Patrick Karani, Kerri Poore, Chandra Shekhar Sinha and Rolf Selrod.