Heritage Pork

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Pork that comes from rarer breeds of pig that have been raised in humane and environmentally friendly conditions for a number of generations
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The dinner menu bristles with treasures like a roasted bone-in Snake River Farms heirloom pork chop with cumin-spiced chestnuts and ancho-chile-glazed caramabola, pan-roasted bluefin crab cakes with truffled roasted potatoes, and a Napoleon of seared Hudson Valley foie gras medallions accented with pear, mango and lingonberry.
Among the other potential ingredients he discovered grass-fed chicken eggs and heirloom pork products from Adama Farms on Petit Jean Mountain.
His favorite cookbooks: Although he cuts recipes out of magazines, the only cookbooks he owns are a 1972 edition of the "Betty Crocker Cookbook," the "Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book," "Cooking with Soup" by the Campbell Soup Co., "American Heirloom Pork Cook Book" and "Dutch Oven Cooking" by Don Holmes.