Heinz body anemia

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un·sta·ble he·mo·glo·bin he·mo·lyt·ic a·ne·mi·a

a congenital hemolytic anemia, due to autosomal inheritance of one of many unstable hemoglobins. The anemia is of variable severity and characterized by the presence in vivo or in vitro of Heinz bodies.
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Heinz body anemia

Hemolytic anemia associated with the finding of Heinz bodies in red blood cells.
See also: Heinz, Robert
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Robert, German pathologist, 1865-1924.
Heinz bodies - intracellular inclusions composed of denatured hemoglobin.
Heinz body anemia
Heinz body test - a test for glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient red blood cells.
Heinz-Ehrlich body - Synonym(s): Ehrlich inner body
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