Müller, Heinrich

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Müller, Heinrich

Ger. anatomist, 1820–1864.

Müller cells

Supporting cells that extend through the retina to form its inner and outer limiting membranes.

Müller's fibers

In the eye, fine processes of neuroglia cells (i.e., Müller's cells) that form supporting elements of the retina.
Synonym: sustentacular fibers of Müller

Müller's muscle

1. Circular fibers of ciliary muscle.
2. The superior tarsal muscle of the eyelid.
3. Smooth muscle covering the sphenomaxillary fissure.

sustentacular fibers of Müller

Müller fibers.

Müller's trigone

Portion of tuber cinereum folding over the optic chiasm.


Heinrich, German anatomist, 1820-1864.
Müller fibers - (1) circular fibers - (2) sustentacular neuroglial cells of the retina. Synonym(s): Müller radial cells
Müller muscle - Synonym(s): circular fibers; orbitalis muscle; superior tarsal muscle
Müller radial cells - Synonym(s): Müller fibers (2)
Müller trigone - the floor of the supraoptic recess of the third ventricle.
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