Müller, Heinrich

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Müller, Heinrich

Ger. anatomist, 1820–1864.

Müller cells

Supporting cells that extend through the retina to form its inner and outer limiting membranes.

Müller's fibers

In the eye, fine processes of neuroglia cells (i.e., Müller's cells) that form supporting elements of the retina.
Synonym: sustentacular fibers of Müller

Müller's muscle

1. Circular fibers of ciliary muscle.
2. The superior tarsal muscle of the eyelid.
3. Smooth muscle covering the sphenomaxillary fissure.

sustentacular fibers of Müller

Müller fibers.

Müller's trigone

Portion of tuber cinereum folding over the optic chiasm.
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Heinrich, German anatomist, 1820-1864.
Müller fibers - (1) circular fibers - (2) sustentacular neuroglial cells of the retina. Synonym(s): Müller radial cells
Müller muscle - Synonym(s): circular fibers; orbitalis muscle; superior tarsal muscle
Müller radial cells - Synonym(s): Müller fibers (2)
Müller trigone - the floor of the supraoptic recess of the third ventricle.
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In 1856, Rudolf von Koelliker and Heinrich Muller were the first to discover that the heart generated electricity.
Everything was prepared to the last detail by Heinrich Muller, head of the Gestapo, right down to the dress worn by the body doubles that would be passed of as the corpses of the Fuhrer and his intended bride, Braun.
The collection is distinguished by a special overglaze technique and its ruby red color - the latter is based on a recipe from the 1770s by company-founder Frantz Heinrich Muller. The warm glow is achieved through the addition of gold.
On this point, while the writings of Johnann Arndt, Johann Gerhard, and Heinrich Muller, among others, are noted, it is somewhat surprising to find no reference to the hymns of Paul Gerhardt, which were inspired by such emotionally-charged imagery--indeed, a good many of his hymn texts are translations of this type of mystic poetry.
He picks up his history again in part 3, "New Grails for Old: Secular Images of the Grail," which begins with a section of Grail scholarship that commences with Christoph Heinrich Muller's late-eighteenth-century edition of Parzival, continues into nineteenth-century philology, nationalism, and the generation of new texts and translations of the Grail material, and concludes with a discussion of comparative mythology (R.
Mr Rumsey said: "One of the most important items in the sale is Heinrich Muller's original design book, circa 1913, which includes ingenious pencil working drawings of toys, some of which never made it to market.
Much later he gave just two statements to the West German police investigating the death of Gestapo-chief Heinrich Muller who disappeared amid the ruins of Berlin in May 1945.
But that all changes when a group of German prisoners of war arrive on the farm and she be friends prisoner Heinrich Muller. When their friendship turns to romance though she discovers that there will be a price to pay for her actions.
Branagh heads a cast that includes Nuneaton-born Ben Daniels as the German head of Occupied Poland, Dr Joseph Buhler, and Corby actor Brendan Coyle as Gestapo chief SS Major General Heinrich Muller.
In her article on the role of Brautmystik (bride mysticism) in the three cantatas Bach composed for the Twentieth Sunday after Trinity, BWV 182, 180, and 49, Renate Steiger draws upon Abraham Calov's commentaries by Luther and other theologians (such as Heinrich Muller) on the assigned Gospel reading, Matt.