Hering, Heinrich Ewald

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Hering, Heinrich Ewald

German physiologist, 1866–1948.

Hering nerves

Afferent nerve fibers leading from the carotid sinus by way of the glossopharyngeal nerve to the brain. They are pressoreceptor nerves responding to changes in blood pressure that reflexly control heart rate. An increase in pressure diminishes heart rate.

Hering reflex

Hering-Breuer reflex.

Hering-Breuer reflex

A reflex inhibition of inspiration resulting from stimulation of pressoreceptors by inflation of the lungs. It is a protective mechanism against overinflation.
Synonym: Hering reflex; inflation reflex
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Heinrich Ewald, German physiologist, 1866-1948.
Hering-Breuer reflex - inflation of the lungs arrests inspiration with expiration then ensuing; deflation of the lungs brings on inspiration.
sinus nerve of Hering - a branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve that innervates the baroreceptors in the wall of the carotid sinus and the chemoreceptors in the carotid body. Synonym(s): carotid sinus nerve
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