Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty

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plastic surgery of the pylorus, especially for pyloric stricture, to provide a larger communication between the stomach and duodenum.
Finney pyloroplasty enlargement of the pyloric canal by establishment of an inverted U-shaped anastomosis between the stomach and duodenum after longitudinal incision.
Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty enlargement of a pyloric stricture by incising the pylorus longitudinally and suturing the incision transversely.
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Hei·ne·ke-Mik·u·licz py·lo·ro·plas·ty

(hī'nĕ-kuh mē'kū-lich),
pyloroplasty in which a short (2-3 inch), longitudinal incision is made through the pylorus and closed transversely.
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Walter, German surgeon, 1834-1901.
Heineke colon resection
Heineke gastroenterostomy
Heineke hypospadias operation
Heineke-Mikulicz herniorrhaphy
Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty - procedure in which a short longitudinal incision is made over the pylorus and closed transversely.


Johannes (Jan) von-Radecki, Polish surgeon in Germany, 1850-1905.
Heineke-Mikulicz herniorrhaphy
Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty - see under Heineke
Mikulicz angle
Mikulicz aphthae - a severe form of aphthae. Synonym(s): aphthae major
Mikulicz clamp
Mikulicz crusher
Mikulicz disease - benign swelling of the lacrimal, and usually also of the salivary glands, in consequence of an infiltration of and replacement of the normal gland structure by lymphoid tissue.
Mikulicz drain
Mikulicz forceps
Mikulicz incision
Mikulicz mask - gauze-covered frame, worn over the nose and mouth while performing surgery.
Mikulicz operation
Mikulicz pack
Mikulicz pad
Mikulicz retractor
Mikulicz sponge
Mikulicz syndrome - symptoms characteristic of Mikulicz disease occurring as a complication of some other disease, such as lymphoma or leukemia.
Mikulicz-Vladimiroff amputation - an osteoplastic resection of the foot. Synonym(s): Vladimiroff-Mikulicz amputation
Vladimiroff-Mikulicz amputation - Synonym(s): Mikulicz-Vladimiroff amputation
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