Walter, German surgeon, 1834-1901. See: Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty.
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For example, Heineke, Ryan, and Tocci (2015) found that while educators reported receiving basic training about EIE policies and procedures, there was no plan to hold training for in-service teachers.
In addition to sharing the larger research findings in another article (Heineke & McTighe, 2018), our goal is to encourage teachers, leaders, teacher educators, and other readers to probe their own understandings of academic language.
In this sense, not only education and language policymaking become dynamic processes and social practices, but, more importantly, teachers and educational actors are conceived as policymakers (Brown, 2010; Menken & Garcia, 2010), beyond passive implementers of policy texts or even "victims" of policy agendas (Davis, 2014; Heineke, Ryan, & Tocci, 2015; Pease-Alvarez & Schecter, 2005; Shohamy, 2009; Varghese & Stritikus, 2005).
Treatment with agents that can inhibit myostatin function (i.e., myostatin antagonists) in heart failure and sarcopenia models resulted in a reduction in Smad signaling, preventing loss of muscle mass (Heineke et al.
Heineke investigates this unique context of language policy in practice, five years after the program was implemented.
Although there are many differences among children who fall into the homogenous EL category, researchers have identified several commonalities that have implications for educational achievement (Heineke, Coleman, Ferrell, & Kersemeier, 2012; Herrera, 2010; Howard, Paez, August, Barr, Kenyon, & Malabonga, 2014; Leung & Uchikoshi, 2012; Wrigley, 2000).
2003; Hull, 2003), the knowledge that exists within community settings, and the norms and practices which are valued by them, have the potential to inform programs and their participants in powerful and educative ways (Hollins, 2015; Lees, 2016; Lees, Heineke, Ryan, & Roy, 2016).
The main goals of communication in relation to BPR and BPA are the following: (1) cascading the vision of the top management for change management initiatives; (2) addressing employee concerns and requirements; and (3) overcoming the natural divide between functional units in relation to how processes should be changed and which technology should be used to facilitate this change (Al-Mashari & Zairi, 1999; Bai & Sarkis, 2013; Dixon, Arnold, Heineke, Kim, & Mulligan, 1994; Fondas, 1993; Rodney & John, 1999; Trkman, 2010).
Heineke is an associate professor in the Department of Bilingual/Bicultural Education and Ann Marie Ryan is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, both in the School of Education at Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.