Henry J., U.S. thoracic surgeon, *1920. See: Heimlich maneuver.
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Konicek walked over, got behind Wilhelm and started performing the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the food in her airway, but it didn't work and she fell unconscious.
If someone is choking you must do the Heimlich manoeuvre first
Employing the Heimlich maneuver, which he reportedly hadn't used since learning it in high school, Barber has able to save the woman from choking to death.
One month ago, Oregon State had little hope Luke Heimlich and Drew Rasmussen would return to pitch next season.
A POOCH saved the life of her choking owner - by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre.
Heimlich reached round and grabbed her buns, the shock of which immediately dislodged the burger.
THE doctor credited with developing the Heimlich manoeuvre says he used the emergency technique for the first time himself to save a woman choking on food at his senior living centre.
The group's chief economist, John Heimlich, said Thursday that rising personal incomes and job growth are helping boost demand for travel.
Although mostly known for his creation of the Heimlich Maneuver, Henry J.
Heimlich, known for the Heimlich maneuver treatment for choking.
Heimlich's Maneuvers: My Seventy Years of Lifesaving Innovation is medical biography writing at its best and provides a survey of his years in medicine and the many other life-saving inventions he developed, from the Heimlich Chest Drain Valve to the MicroTrach which provides a better way for people to take oxygen.
SOME pup Mollypops has been congratulated by the son of the doctor who gave the world the Heimlich manoeuvre, after she saved her owner from choking to death.