Henry J., U.S. thoracic surgeon, *1920. See: Heimlich maneuver.
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A woman she never met before came over and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre, dislodging the food so Sandra could breath again.
She began to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre before other members of the team arrived, which brought up the piece of food.
A customer patted him on the back and another attempted the Heimlich manoeuvre in a bid to dislodge the food from his throat.
7), the Lamigo Monkeys announced on Facebook that they had signed 22-year-old Oregon State star pitcher Luke Heimlich to initially play for their minor league team, however news soon surfaced from U.S.
-- Arkansas scored 4 fifth-inning runs against a faltering Luke Heimlich and moved a step closer to its first national championship in baseball with a 4-1 victory over Oregon State in Game 1 of the College World Series finals Tuesday night.
Gardeners' World host Monty, 62, said she wrapped her arms round him in the Heimlich manoeuvre and the lamb "shot out" of his windpipe.
As Berger told the Wichita Eagle, "He was choking and struggling and I asked, 'the Heimlich?' and he said 'yes.' So I gave him the Heimlich maneuver and was able to dislodge what he was choking on." It was the first time Berger had attempted the first-aid technique.
Employing the Heimlich maneuver, which he reportedly hadn't used since learning it in high school, Barber has able to save the woman from choking to death.
One month ago, Oregon State had little hope Luke Heimlich and Drew Rasmussen would return to pitch next season.
? WHICH brings us to Dr Henry Heimlich. The 96-year-old American surgeon - who invented the famous life-saving technique - has used it to save a woman gagging on a hamburger.
THE doctor credited with developing the Heimlich manoeuvre says he used the emergency technique for the first time himself to save a woman choking on food at his senior living centre.
The student, a former British under-12 judo champ, performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on the teacher.