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(1) A person who embraces heightism—discrimination against people based on out-of-range heights—i.e., against those who are 'too tall' or 'too short'
(2) A tall person—taller than 1.88 m/ 6’2' in men, or 1.81m/5’9' in women
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Being on the short side has never really bothered me and I have never been heightist.
Yet why is no-one being similarly heightist over Shaun Wright-Phillips's pounds 22million transfer to Chelsea?
Mostly, though, it's a demonstration of the fact that racing's only interesting to the non-racing world when it's being funny, and that jockeys - yes, this is appallingly heightist, but the truth is what we do not flinch from here - are amusing per se, because everyone - but everyone in the big world - thinks they're only five feet tall.
A YOU mustn't be heightist, not that he is THAT small.
I think it's time I stood up for myself - and yes, I AM standing up - and demand equal rights and pay in a heightist society.
His lack of stature led to him being known as the Miniature of Sport, but let's not be heightist.
The two teams steadily represent the same two universities, wear different shades of the same colour, which is just insane, consist of men who are eight feet tall, which worries heightists like me, and since the boats were redesigned with safety in mind they hardly ever do anything arrestingly jokey, like sink.