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Discrimination against people based on out-of-range heights—i.e., against those who are 'too tall' or 'too short'
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The BFP coined the term "heightism" to refer to law enforcement agencies' preference for taller people.
Height bias, or heightism, which has particularly affected males, has predominated in Western corporate culture.
TINY Alan Taylor has begun a bizarre quest to counter heightism in the pages of Scottish papers.
Social scientists have referred to this height bias in our society as "heightism."(40) Heightism is the idea that height is prized in our society, not only in the sports and entertainment worlds, but is also important in influencing decisions pertaining to offers of employment, salaries, advancement in various occupations, choice of a marital partner, and politics.(41) Parents want to prevent their child from being subjected to this stigma that some attach to being short.
Or alternatively, is the rationale for treatment the anticipated psychosocial distress associated with short stature, which is in turn related to our cultural bias toward heightism? If the psychosocial distress, i.e., low self esteem, social isolation, etc., is the real underlying rationale for treatment, then either this disability should be present at the time treatment is initiated in childhood, or if not, it should be predictable when the child reaches his or her final height.
But many others receive treatment because their parents "are driven by a cultural 'heightism' that permeates American society," Barry B.
When the practice of medicine engages in trying to make some people (mostly white males) relatively taller, it is not only contributing to the "heightism" of our society.
The new set of -isms (ageism, fattism, heightism) signal the taboos of new ideologies in social thinking, just as green can operate as noun or adjective, as well as an effective pre-modifier in a range of new (and ecologically sound) constructions from green politics to green consciousness or the dark green of those strongly committed to greenism.
This heightism was met with scorn and counsels of finding "good things in small packages".
I am walking back from an ICC event in the company of the Phuket correspondent and his trusty City 2000 "Tonto," Lorraine Francis, when the topic gets on to heightism.
The pounds 1million campaign is bound to be accused of heightism as it shows small men in a series of "Hamlet moments" where the joke is on their lack of stature.