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Discrimination against people based on out-of-range heights—i.e., against those who are 'too tall' or 'too short'
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That said, we feel that we need to drastically alter our thinking regarding the benefits of a taller, heavier population and begin to implement societal, political, and corporate changes in attitude to stem the illogical belief that leads to heightism regarding our societal and corporate preferences for increased height.
TINY Alan Taylor has begun a bizarre quest to counter heightism in the pages of Scottish papers.
This heightism was met with scorn and counsels of finding "good things in small packages".
I am walking back from an ICC event in the company of the Phuket correspondent and his trusty City 2000 "Tonto," Lorraine Francis, when the topic gets on to heightism.
The pounds 1million campaign is bound to be accused of heightism as it shows small men in a series of "Hamlet moments" where the joke is on their lack of stature.