Heidenhain, Rudolph P.

Heidenhain, Rudolph P.

Ger. physiologist and histologist, 1834–1897.

Heidenhain demilunes

Crescents of Giannuzzi.

Heidenhain pouch

A small, surgically constructed pouch of the stomach that is denervated and separated from the stomach and drained to the outside of the body. It is used to study the physiology of the stomach.
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Rudolph P., German histologist and physiologist, 1834-1897.
Biondi-Heidenhain stain - see under Biondi
Heidenhain azan stain - a technique to stain nuclei and erythrocytes red, muscle orange, glia fibrils reddish, mucin blue, and collagen and reticulum dark blue.
Heidenhain crescents - the serous cells at the distal end of a mucous, tubuloalveolar secretory unit of certain salivary glands. Synonym(s): Heidenhain demilunes; serous demilunes
Heidenhain demilunes - Synonym(s): Heidenhain crescents
Heidenhain iron hematoxylin stain - an iron alum hematoxylin stain used for staining muscle striations and mitotic structures blue-black.
Heidenhain law - glandular secretion is always accompanied by an alteration in the structure of the gland.
Heidenhain pouch - a small sac or pouch of the stomach fashioned for the purpose of obtaining gastric juice and for studying gastric secretion in physiologic experiments.
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