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12.4.4 Heidenhain Revenue in Computerized Numerical Control Business (2013-2018)
The company will use the additional power and torque provided by the revolutionary GTW spindle to machine the toughest materials, whilst the Heidenhain TNC 640 control and Nikken 4th axis rotary table delivers increased accuracy, flexibility and repeatability.
Machine tool company HEIDENHAIN reported on Wednesday the completion of AMO, an Austrian specialty encoder company, for an undisclosed amount.
11 January 2018 - German motion control feedback solutions company Heidenhain has acquired Austrian specialty encoder firm AMO, the company said.
The SRP 5000 angular positioning system from HEIDENHAIN incorporates its high accuracy MRP 5000 angle encoder with accomplished bearing technology along with a unique ETEL torque motor with ultra-low detent torque.
ETEL SA is based in Switzerland with exclusive North American distribution through HEIDENHAIN Corporation in Schaumburg, IL.
ETEL (Schaumburg, IL) now offers short stroke actuators in North America through parent company HEIDENHAIN Corporation.
Inverted high resolution Heidenhain scales, covered ways, and internal cable management protect machine components from ambient dust and debris and minimize friction.
"The low-vibration design delivers surface finishes while the rigid 48,000 rpm spindle, precision ball screws and Heidenhain linear scales provide high accuracy.
A goniometer directly records angular positions by means of Heidenhain encoders, which allow repeatability of 0.0001 degrees.