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city in Germany.
Heidelberg arm - a pneumatic prosthesis with a hand; created at the University Clinic in Heidelberg, Germany.
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With the investment in SwissLitho AG, Heidelberg Instruments will be able to serve customers with an additional choice of tools and options in the Nano- and Microlithography field.
"We are very pleased to be entering into this important agreement with the Heidelberg University Hospital, as we work together to explore new ways to deliver better patient care."
as Allama Iqbal, during doctorate in Philosophy in Germany, had stayed in the village of Heidelberg.
As part of the extended licence deal, Heidelberg Pharma will get an upfront payment and additional regular payments for granting access to its platform and providing research services to Roche.
Union reps said the leafleting campaign comes after Heidelberg broke off negotiations with its workers and decided to implement a wide range of new labor practices, without input from workers.
Heidelberg were significantly greater than acid-adapted cells on days 1.
management team," said James Martin, senior vice president, marketing communications, Heidelberg USA.
Soldner et al., Recent progress in neutron polarization, in Workshop Proceedings of Quark-Mixing, CKM-Unitarity, Heidelberg, September 19-20, 2002, Mattes-Verlag, Heidelberg (2003), arXiv:hep-ph/0312124.
The potential application of the research at EMBL Heidelberg, which was conducted in conjunction with the private German biopharmaceutical company Cellzome, may be broad.
The agreement covered the outsourcing of all of Heidelberg Sverige's salary functions to Proffice's salary handling centre in Stockholm, Sweden.
"The installation of the Heidelberg Campbell switch was two years in the making and was successfully accomplished by a true teaming effort by PM DCS-E, 43rd Signal Battalion, 5th Signal Command and Siemens," said Holzman.
Their catechisms include the sixteenth-century Heidelberg Catechism, whose coauthor Zachary Ursinus was a student of Philip Melanchthon.