Robert M.P., Swiss physician, 1907-1970. See: Hegglin anomaly, Hegglin syndrome, May-Hegglin anomaly.
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2005), or caring response of sows (Wechsler and Hegglin, 1997).
We want limited growth, we don't want a simple boom," said Peter Hegglin, the finance minister of Zug, whose office faces the construction site for the soon-to-be tallest building in the city at 81 metres.
Using a sophisticated computer model, Hegglin and U of T physicist Theodore Shepherd determined that 21st-century climate change will alter atmospheric circulation, increasing the flux of ozone from the upper to the lower atmosphere and shifting the distribution of ozone within the upper atmosphere.
Markus Hegglin, editor of Zurich Express, said that after the arrival of daily tabloids in Zurich became imminent, they wanted to be the first to arrive on the scene, which they were.
Mutations of MYH9, encoding for non-muscle myosin heavy chain A, in May Hegglin anomaly.
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The Conference of Cantonal Finance Directors has appointed three of the four cantonal representatives: Peter Hegglin (Cantonal Councillor, Zug), Eva Herzog (Cantonal Councillor, Basel Stadt) and Maurice Tornay (Cantonal Councillor, Valais).
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Hegglin and Deplazes (15) demonstrated a long-term decrease in prevalence of E.
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