Hegar dilators

He·gar di·la·tors

a series of cylindrical bougies of graduated sizes used to dilate the cervical canal.

He·gar di·la·tors

(hā'gahr dī'lā-tŏrz)
A series of cylindric bougies of graduated sizes used to dilate the cervical canal.


Alfred, German gynecologist, 1830-1914.
Hegar bougie
Hegar dilators - a series of cylindrical bougies of graduated sizes used to dilate the cervical canal.
Hegar needle holder
Hegar operation
Hegar sign - softening and compressibility of the lower segment of the uterus in early pregnancy.
Mayo-Hegar needle holder
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The hegar dilators are used to evaluate the pulmonary valve with Z+2 value from the Kirklin table for normal cardiac valve diameters (mm)18.
The adequacy of the RVOT was assessed, Hegar's dilators were introduced through RVOT to assess adequacy based on normalized sizes according to for body surface area and also the size of the pulmonary valve and the main pulmonary artery was achieved with Hegar dilator according to the Kirklin table of the Z+2 to the Normal body Surface Area (BSA).
For the patients in the misoprostol and laminaria groups, in the operating room, a single-tooth tenaculum was used to grasp the anterior lip of the cervix and the degree of baseline cervical dilation was measured using Hegar dilators. This was achieved by introducing Hegar dilators into the uterine cavity in an ascending size, and the maximum caliber that was not met with resistance was accepted as the baseline cervical dilation.
[2] In our case, cervical dilatation was performed with Hegar dilators and the patient did not immediately require repeated dilatation.
As the cervix was not visualised, the cervix could not be held with any instrument but gentle pressure was applied with a Hegar dilator at the apex of the visible vagina.
A corpora cavernosal shunt (T-shunt) with tunneling was performed using #8 Hegar dilators. Detumescence was obtained intraoperatively.
Among the various techniques for creating a distal shunt, the T-shunt procedure, a modification of the Al-Ghorab shunt, termed the Burnett "snake" maneuver has been described that involves tunneling the corporal bodies through the distal tunical defect with a Hegar dilator to facilitate better corporal drainage [6,7].
We dilate the umbilicus with Hegar dilators to a size 16 to ease the extraction of tissue, if necessary, or for the placement of a laparoscopic morcellator.
In the in vivo method the patient learns self-hypnosis and then inserts in the vagina first a finger, and then Hegar dilators of gradually increasing sizes.
Damage from a grasping volsellum or tenaculum to the anterior lip or forcible expansion with Hegar dilators to the cervical canal can be reduced by pre-operative preparation.