Alfred, German gynecologist, 1830-1914. See: Hegar dilators, Hegar sign.
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Airbnb on Friday was placed on the state's "List of Companies that Boycott Israel" by Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar.
Earlier this week, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced he had transferred $1.4 billion into the Rainy Day Fund, raising its current balance to $12.5 billion, a record high.
This year, the firm has also made ads for Mary Jennings "M.J." Hegar, who's running for Congress in Texas's 31st Congressional District, as well as for Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and South Carolina gubernatorial candidate James Smith.
TITLE:Construction of Hegar Stormwater Detention Basin Improvements
WASHINGTON -- A dragon winds around a cherry tree in the tattoo across MJ Hegar's arm and back, over the shrapnel wounds she had, at one point, not wanted to see with her young children around.
For the patients in the misoprostol and laminaria groups, in the operating room, a single-tooth tenaculum was used to grasp the anterior lip of the cervix and the degree of baseline cervical dilation was measured using Hegar dilators.
As the cervix was not visualised, the cervix could not be held with any instrument but gentle pressure was applied with a Hegar dilator at the apex of the visible vagina.
But this was rejected by opponent John Hegar who said that unfair accusations of bigotry were being used to dismiss legitimate concerns.
Mae'r gyfrol yn agor gyda phennod o'r enw Dihangfa Gyfyng, ac ydi, mae'n stori ddramatig: "Ar 30 Mai 2011, roedd hi'n chwythu'n weddol gryf o'r gorllewin, ond heb fod yn ofnadwy o hegar," meddai Huw Erith, wrth edrych yn ol ar helbul y Sulgwyn hwnnw.
Hegar (Mountain View College) provides an 11th edition of her textbook and reference on management in the workplace.
Senate Nominations Committee Chairman Glenn Hegar Jr., R-Katy, told PC360 in Austin that he had listened to "adamant" senators for and against Kitzman, who took over for Mike Geeslin after he left the post midterm.