Hedstrom file

Hed·ström file

a coarse root canal file similar to a rasp.


Gustav, Swedish endodontist.
Hedström file - a coarse root canal file similar to a rasp.

Hed·ström file

(hedstrum fīl)
Coarse dental root canal file similar to a rasp.
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In pre-flared group coronal portion of the mesial root canals of first permanent mandibular molars from the occlusal reference to the length of curvature or straight part of the mesial canals was prepared using Hedstrom file (Mani Corporation Japan) upto No 55.
In both groups a 15 # K file was used for the measurement of working length but in the pre-flared group the coronal portion of the canal was flared with Hedstrom files (25-55) or Gates Glidden Drills from # 02 to # 05 before inserting the # 15 K file.
The working length was kept 1 mm short of the radiographic apex and cleaning and shaping of the root canals were carried out using Hedstrom files 21 mm at working length.
All other materials, Gutta percha points, Polyurethane, hydroxyapatite composite, extracted human teeth, hedstrom files # 15 to # 80 from Manni (Japan), Poly methyl methacrylate, chloroforms, Deionsed water, and Electron Microscope were available from the lab of Material Science.