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Ferdinand von, Austrian dermatologist, 1816-1880. See: Hebra prurigo.
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Hebra said it did not cost the government anything as the flyover had not been turned over yet, but admitted the accident would delay the project's completion.
4- Completion of Al Badriyah -- Al Hebra Road for a length of 25 kilometers Completion of work on the 5th group of roads: - Completion of work on Hurra Al Shara'a -- Wadi Sitara Road (6 kilometers)including Hurra Al Shara'a crossing.
When the newborn presents with evidence of bowel obstruction, the differential diagnoses should be categorized into surgical versus nonsurgical etiologies (Adamson & Hebra, 2004).
Hebra considers why this is so, as he, surveys these two systems of measurement, as well as countless other methods that people have devised to measure everything from a strip of cloth to the brightness of a candle to the sound at a rock concert.
Los resultados con el test de Tioglicolato de sodio muestran un aumento de la descondensacion de la cromatina en todos los dias pos tratamiento estudiados (1,8,22 y 43) con respecto al control (p < 0.01) y una mayor labilidad de la hebra de ADN ampliamente marcada al dia siguiente del tratamiento para recuperarse en el dia 8 y luego nuevamente subir en el dia 22 y 43.
A few years later, working with pioneer dermatologists Unna and Von Hebra, Stiefel began producing and selling medicated soaps for the treatment of skin problems.