William, English physician, 1710-1801. See: Heberden angina, Heberden nodes, Rougnon-Heberden disease.
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Physical findings, like crepitation, joint tenderness, deficiency in range of motion, deformities, Heberden and/or Bouchard nodules, and first carpometacarpal (CMC) joint involvement, were all noted.
A practicing physician in addition to laboratory clinician, he also leads the UK Scleroderma Study Group (UKSSG), is Treasurer of EUSTAR and Chairs the Heberden Scientific Committee of the British Society for Rheumatology (BSR).
Key speakers were Shamima Mallam Hassam, Senior Director, Board of Investment; Vaughan Heberden, Chairman Board of Trustees Global Finance (Mauritius); Amba Chinien, Director, C&A Law; Kamben Padayachy, Deputy CEO Head of Global Banking, Treasury & Markets; Damian Hamp Adams, Head of Sales and Marketing IOREC.
Rick Daniels, once the president of the Globe who went on to have a successful career running GateHouse Media's Boston-area publications, leads another group, which includes Boston Post Partners, a hedge fund run by Heberden Ryan, who actually started this ball rolling by putting a $75 million offer on the table last fall.
I can think of a few eponymous physical exam findings and maneuvers specific to rheumatology--oh, to make Heberden and Bouchard, Gottron, Yergason, Finklestein, Patrick, and Schober proud--that can help any primary care physician make an accurate diagnosis.
Angina had been described by William Heberden 4 years earlier.
The potential reversibility of rheumatoid arthritis: heberden oration, Heberden Society of London, 15 October 1948.
Henoch-Schonlein purpurasi (HSP), ilk kez 1801 yilinda Heberden tarafindan 5 yasindaki bir cocukta karin agrisi, kusma, melena, artralji, purpurik dokuntu ve hematuri birlikteligi seklinde tanimlanmistir (1).
At Christmas 1898 Vizard learned from a friend that a Hampstead resident, Colonel Henry Heberden JP, had a 10-inch reflecting telescope and would be glad to give it away if it could benefit the public.
Ellerde DIP ve PIP lerde Heberden ve Bouchard nodulleri, ayaklarda belirgin pes planovalgus, kalcalarda eksternal rotasyonda, dizlerde hafif valgus pozisyonu saptandi.
Historical notes on coronary occlusion: from Heberden to Osier.