Heavily Investigated

A term of art referring to a high-intensity workup of a person with an 'interesting' (unknown) disease
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This was heavily investigated and found to be inaccurate.
Another element that was heavily investigated was the number of new sessions.
I have been thinking of buying an SAA for several months and heavily investigated the options.
It is for this reason that correlation between texture measured by the senses and texture measured instrumentally has been heavily investigated.
Though it was a complex transaction due to environmental concerns 0 which were heavily investigated prior to closing D CBRE was able to close the sale in 90 days from start to finish.
E-Local Government has wide scope and heavily investigated field of research around the world.
As the more advanced concepts of transformation optics are still being heavily investigated, Hammond explained that the area closest to development is sub-wavelength imaging, or the ability to see tiny particles in the visible light spectrum.
And just as the police normally receive limited praise when things are going well, underwriters and the police are heavily investigated, scrutinized and vilified when things go wrong.
Carney's book offers new evidence in the heavily investigated scandal of the 1919 World Series, which the Chicago White Sox lost or threw to the Cincinnati Reds in 8 games.
Three chapters--"Ritual Group Violence," "Popular Protest," and "Organized Crime"--provide very capable summaries of heavily investigated fields in crime and social history.
The union had been heavily investigated over the years by the elites of law enforcement," he says, "and no charges were brought against it in the years we represented them.