Heavily Investigated

A term of art referring to a high-intensity workup of a person with an 'interesting' (unknown) disease
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'I think it's been heavily investigated,' he told NBC.
In an interview broadcast on NBC on Sunday, Trump said Khashoggi's killing has been "heavily investigated".
GPCRs have been heavily investigated due to their involvement in multiple disease classes, including inflammation, cancer, metabolism, respiratory, and pain.
Prior to the military action, the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura had delivered a speech to the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting in Riyadh on April 12, saying that the attack in Douma should be heavily investigated by the UN and partners; however, the air strikes might rule out such a step for now.
This was heavily investigated and found to be inaccurate.
Another element that was heavily investigated was the number of new sessions.
I have been thinking of buying an SAA for several months and heavily investigated the options.
In particular, readers can appreciate that all historical details have been heavily investigated for accuracy.
It is for this reason that correlation between texture measured by the senses and texture measured instrumentally has been heavily investigated. The nature of foods, particularly those of solid consistency, is such that texture analysis methods developed are predominantly empirical in nature, validating or quantifying subjective parameters such as fruit firmness as an indication of ripeness.
Though it was a complex transaction due to environmental concerns 0 which were heavily investigated prior to closing D CBRE was able to close the sale in 90 days from start to finish.
E-Local Government has wide scope and heavily investigated field of research around the world.
We only really found out what happened to Phoebe because it was heavily investigated by police.