Heath, Christopher

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Christopher, English surgeon, 1835-1905.
Heath clip
Heath curette
Heath dilator
Heath dissector
Heath forceps
Heath operation - division of mandibular ascending rami.
Heath scissors
Heath trephiine flap dissector
Parker-Heath anterior chamber syringe
Parker-Heath cautery
Parker-Heath electrocautery
Parker-Heath piggyback probe
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Delivery workers at Breezemount Transport's Cradley Heath operation said they had gone unpaid after they were laid off just over a week ago - meaning their families face a miserable Christmas.
Protesting Amicus members from the Alstom Washwood Heath operation marching on their way to the Labour Party Conference last year and (inset left) some of the protesters at an Amicus rally addressed by Derek Simpson; The death of manufacturing: Amicus members carry a coffin in one of their protests over the Alstom closure plans
A thousand jobs are set to go in Birmingham at the Washwood Heath operation.
We agreed to continue our discussions over the coming weeks but our initial thoughts are that the most constructive way in which the city council can help save the Washwood Heath operation is to assist in lobbying the Strategic Rail Authority and the Government to try to secure more orders.
Last year Alstom Transport boss Michel Moreau made scathing comments about the Washwood Heath operation in internal bulle- tins, accusing the factory of having 'dragged down our reputation'.
The highly experienced team at Acumus will be a strong addition to our public sector practice and an excellent complement to our Gallagher Heath operations," Gallagher, Jr added.
Their highly experienced team, strong expertise and geographic presence will be an excellent complement to our Gallagher Heath operations in London.