Heat Island

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Any solid block of material—asphalt, brick, concrete—that can absorb thermal energy and release it, increasing heat stress on passers-by
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This is being done together with the University of the Philippines-Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry (UP-TCAGP) in assessing the development of urban heat islands in rapidly urbanizing and highly urbanized cities in the Philippines.
[USA], July 14 (ANI): Planting more vegetation, using reflective materials on hard surfaces and installing green roofs on buildings can help cool potentially deadly urban heat islands, a recent study suggests.
The urban heat island phenomenon "exists in areas with a lot of densely placed buildings and paved surfaces that absorb heat from the sun, causing the area to be several degrees hotter than rural or surrounding areas," explain Jeff Steuben, executive director of the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), and Sarah Schneider, CRRC's deputy director.
Though a few individuals are working to develop mini urban forests, but these efforts are not enough to offset the killer urban heat island effect.
But as global warming trends continue, the heat island effect will push temperatures higher, and with them will rise heat-related risks and cooling costs.
Simulations using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model are currently being conducted to study how variations in land usage, the urban heat island, and urban aerosols impact in-cloud processes when convective storms interact with a large city.
The only long-term solution to mitigate the worst effects of climate change is to expand our urban tree cover and initiate eco-friendly practices such as green roofs on terraces and high-reflectivity coatings for roads can be used reduce urban heat island effect,' said Dr Zafar.
The scientists added the two new sites to test whether the outcomes would be consistent, or whether each area is distinctive, and because "cities function as easily replicated warming experiments across the globe" due to the urban heat island effect, Diamond said.
One of the most important impacts of heat waves is urban heat island (UHI) which is increased by increasing the urbanization in urban areas people from small areas and rural areas moving toward the large cities to improve their life style.
The heat island effect can be counteracted slightly by using white or reflective materials to build houses, roofs, pavements, and roads, thus increasing the overall albedo of the city.
The Urban Land Institute New York (ULI NY) has released a report outlining how the anticipated rezoning of Gowanus, Brooklyn can be used to mitigate a phenomenon known as the urban heat island (UHI) effect.
Urban heat island (UHI) means that the temperature in urban areas is considerably higher than that in surrounding rural areas.