n company that developed tools to enhance overall health; based on the crucial link between emotions, brain function, and heart rhythms. Used in the healing energy light process for correcting psychological problems.
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Premiere sponsors include Center CAST, Clarity, Clear Sounds, Continua, Dakim, Electronic Arts (EA), HeartMath, Microsoft, Myine and Posit Science.
Presented by Health Forum and the American Hospital Association with grants from HeartMath, Metagenics, Northwestern Health Sciences University, and Wellness Inventory.
Founder and Chief Medical Officer, of Los Angeles; -- HeartMath, LLC, Bruce Cryer, CEO, of Boulder Creek; -- Intralase, Robert Palmisano, CEO, of Irvine; -- Kaiser Permanente, Joel Hyatt, M.
Using HealthVault, HeartMath Will Offer emWave([R]) PC Stress Relief System - a Unique Fitness and Performance Application for Consumers and Business and Healthcare Organizations
HeartMath, LLC -- Bruce Cryer, CEO, will overview their programs which have been used by over 100,000 Global 500 executives and health professionals to improve their performance, health and well-being.
The Hunter Kane Peak Performance training programmes encompasses HeartMath technology and techniques that have been proven to help individuals achieve dramatic improvements in health, productivity, performance as well as in mental, emotional and physical well being.
The program developed by the Institute of HeartMath to reduce test-related anxiety shows great potential for helping students achieve success.
To validate his theory on NEDS and to help find solutions, Tim teamed with researchers at HeartMath to create and analyze a study aimed at uncovering the symptoms linked to NEDS and to confirm the NEDS hypothesis.
In 1999 HeartMath broke ground when they introduced the first affordable consumer stress-reduction technology product called the Freeze-Framer([R]) Interactive Learning System using their patented heart rhythm feedback.
New Mobile Technology From HeartMath: emWave Personal Stress Reliever([R]) Reduces Stress and Anxiety Anywhere, Anytime (07/19/07 04:35, SOURCE: HeartMath LLC)
HeartMath, known for its research-based stress solutions, is now unveiling their new generation software program called emWave([R]) PC Stress Relief System, designed to help you reduce stress and reset your inner balance.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- In September of 2003, Tim Sanders, HeartMath LLC and the Relational Recovery Institute will release findings of a landmark study that will monitor the effects of the "Always-On Economy.