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Breuer says that he and his colleagues are "evaluating the biomechanical properties of these structures and comparing them to native heart valve tissue.
Prosthetic Heart Valves Market, Global, Company Share (%), 2010 The global prosthetic heart valves market is dominated by Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, with a 38% share.
TAVR devices deliver a heart valve by catheter to replace a diseased aortic valve.
The On-X heart valve is the result of a breakthrough in medical grade carbon technology--On-X([R]) pure pyrolytic carbon.
Jude Medical has offered patients the gold standard in mechanical heart valve performance and durability.
MRG projects that percutaneous heart valve procedures will show a growth rate of 54.
Technology Innovation for Enhanced Durability, Improved Hemodynamics and Reduced Surgery Time to Drive Adoption of Tissue Heart Valves
Increasingly challenged by tissue heart valves and heart valve repair devices, the use of mechanical heart valves will decline over the forecast period.
Cardio Vision[TM]'s portfolio has an important strategic fit with our complete range of heart valves and annuloplasty rings and with our Perceval S(+), self expanding surgical sutureless valve.
The demographic shift in world population is also increasing the demand for healthcare products, such as Heart Valves.
In heart valve market, mechanical valves are more durable than tissue heart valves but require an anticoagulant.